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Almost every home has such a problem as window constructions. In winter, there are drafts, a bunch of ice freezes on the windows themselves, which melts in spring leaving some water on them. And in summer after rain, you literally cannot open the window because the wood has swelled a little. However, there is a simple and easy way to solve this problem and it is vinyl windows. Imagine, there will be no drafts in winter, and it will be unnecessary for you to insulate them every year. Vinyl windows are much more durable than wood and they are fully soundproofed which makes replacement windows in Burlington vital if you live next to a bustling street such as Brant Street and the like.

In fact, there are plenty of advantages of vinyl windows but the most important one of them is the ease of use. It does not take much effort to open a vinyl window: all you need to do is simply turn the knob. Therefore, if you are bored with the eternal problem with wooden frames, just do not hesitate to get replacement windows in Burlington as your peace of mind is priceless.

Advantages of Vinyl Window

Noise insulation. It is achieved through hermeticity, the thickness of the chambers and the presence of triplex in the glass unit.

Thermal insulation. The glass units feature special "warm" glasses and a profile design that keep the room warm.

Fire resistance. Vinyl windows are made of PVC, which is composed of special additives that do not support the combustion process, and resist the spread of fire.

Freezing resistance. A glass unit has multiple chambers, which protect your house against cold.

Resistance to moist. Vinyl window have a special ventilation system preventing the appearance of condensation. But these mechanisms are not installed in all kinds of vinyl windows. Therefore, for a complete water resistance it is necessary to properly exploit them. For this aim, a room should be periodically aired for no more than 10 - 12 minutes, and in the winter time for no more than 5 minutes

Environmentally friendly. The manufacture and selling of vinyl windows is carried out under strict control. Therefore, the materials used in their manufacture do not pose any danger to human health.

Affordability: Finally, one of the main advantages of vinyl windows is the price. Indeed, today almost everyone can afford a windows replacement and get this little piece of happiness. In addition, there is always a possibility to order PVC windows on credit.

Our window replacement company can offer the following types of vinyl windows: awning windows, casement windows, sliding tilt windows, single hung tilt windows, double hung tilt windows, bay and bow windows, contour series windows, end vent windows, and architectural ones. We are known for our reliability, high-quality services and a great customer satisfaction so feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to install new and shiny vinyl windows in your place!

Areas we serve: Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Richmond Hill, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg.

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